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Ulitmate Guide to Facebook Advertising

Ulitmate Guide to Facebook Advertising
by Perry Marshall, Keith Krance and Thomas Meloche
Entrepreneur Press
Retail Price $21.95
Amazon Price: $17.50

Book Description: 

Perry Marshall, author of the #1 selling book on Google AdWords, joined by Facebook Advertising specialists Keith Krance and Thomas Meloche, lift the curtain to the more than a billion potential customers on Facebook. You’ll discover how to pinpoint your most profitable audiences–then, how to reach them, convert them, and keep them as your fan, friend, and customer for life.

Introducing game-changing strategies, valuable tools and reports, Marshall and team breakdown the magic of Facebook Paid Advertising, including mobile and local. You’ll see how to gain dramatically on your investment–in clicks, customers, and profits.

Discover how to:

-Create a campaign and find new customers in minutes
-Get local customers to visit your store or event
-Profile your audience using Facebook Graph Search and Ad Manager
-Create the perfect bidding strategy for your objectives and budget
-Hyper-target your audience with segment-specific ads
-Track and follow leads and customers
-Achieve measurable profits while you inform and entertain your fans
-Avoid ad fatigue with the perfect Newsfeed Ad



This is a really good introduction to Facebook advertising.  Though it is quite large and overwhelming at first look, this book is well organized and nicely arranged and the content is easy to understand and apply.  The authors get right to it and don’t load you down with a lot of unnecessary side information. The techniques are well explained and I will definitely try some of them.  They also offer online support via their website to stay current in the industry.  If Facebook is part of your marketing strategy, then you should have a copy of this book.

~Reviewed by  David H.


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    Build Your Platform

      Build Your Author Platform: The New Rules: A Literary Agent's Guide to Growing Your Audience in 14 StepsBuild Your Author Platform
    By Carole Jelen and Michael McCallister
    Retail Price $16.95
    Amazon Price: $12.04

    Book Description: 

    A great book is no longer enough. An author platform is the most powerful key to success in today’s saturated market, and increasingly, publishers are demanding that new authors come to them with an existing audience of interested followers. Authors who are self-publishing have an even bigger need to build an engaged audience.Social media makes building the author platform easier than ever, but, unfortunately, most authors struggle to get it right. How can authors create their unique platform, connect with followers, write a manuscript, and grow their business?In Build Your Author Platform: The New Rules, top literary agent Carole Jelen and tech expert Michael McCallister apply their combined 35 years of expertise to outline 14 practical, hands-on steps to create a presence that will produce high book sales and expanded audience.From pre-publication through book launch and beyond, authors will learn how to:
    • Define goals and a unique brand
    • Employ successful website strategies, content, social presence, media authority, and training
    • Secure positive reviews
    • Attract viewers efficiently without cost

    Filled with detailed lessons, examples, success stories, and techniques used by marketing departments at major publishers, Build Your Author Platform is an indispensable guide for anyone looking for insight into publishing, promoting, and marketing books.



    There is no doubt in my mind, the economy has irreversibly changed as a result of the information age. Never before has it been more important or necessary to rethink our approach to marketing ourselves, our personal brand and our impact in our selected niche. The good news is that there are now tools than make it super-easy to build an online “platform” – your personal digital mark in the history of the information age.

    However building a platform needs to be intentional and strategic.  This book covers the essential steps needed to set up an online platform in support of your mission in life and your business. It gives a solid direction and action steps for creating a stage. Very practical and clearly written. It doesn’t get overly bogged down on details but has enough so that things can move forward.
    The book has contributed to changing my life. Worth a read if you are serious about succeeding in an increasingly complex digital world.


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      Kick Ass Social Commerce for E-preneurs

      Kick Ass Social Commerce for E-preneurs: It's Not About Likes-It's About Sales

      Kick Ass Social Commerce for E-preneurs
      By John Lawson
      Retail Price $16.95
      Amazon Price: $12.96

      Book Description: 

      You’re not special. Almost all businesses are online marketing these days—everyone tweets, posts to social networks, and blogs. What you’re doing now is not enough to make your business stand out.

      Forget what all the self-proclaimed “social media gurus” are telling you. Being active on social media and being successful in social commerce are not the same things. Simply getting a bunch of followers or Likes doesn’t cut it anymore.

      In Kick Ass Social Commerce for E-Preneurs, award-winning digital media strategist John Lawson gives you a straight-shooting, no-holds-barred guide to social commerce. In other words, he shows you how to make money online using social media.

      One of the most-respected and listened-to voices in the worlds of e-commerce and small business, Lawson stands alone because he can actually back up his words. Lawson is a multi-platform PowerSeller, whose internet businesses have rung up millions of dollars in sales.

      In his book, Lawson and e-commerce author Debra Schepp take you step-by-step through:

      ~Creating a business plan using a simple, effective template, a proven blueprint for all stages of marketing—from start-up to empire

      ~Crafting messages for individual consumers and sharing them in real time to engage and convert

      ~Employing the best social commerce strategy for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and the hottest new social media sites

      ~Expertly leveraging features such as Likes, Retweets, Follows, Shares, and Reposts

      ~Building a thriving e-commerce business and keeping it vibrant and growing

      What are you waiting for? Read this book and start kicking social commerce ass.


      As all of online businesses, I am looking for a formula to make social media pay.  I want all my efforts to transfer to sales. This book provides a practical road map for not only mastering but also monetizing your social media investment.  You will learn the secrets of unlocking sales with social media and  seize new sales opportunities from emerging social technology. This book distills the real-world experience of successful social commerce businesses into secrets for turning “Likes” into “Buys”.  This is a really high quality book packed with fantastic information.  I learned so much!

      ~Reviewed by Darla A.


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