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Smart Mom, Rich Mom

Product DetailsSmart Mom, Rich Mom: How to Build Wealth While Raising a Family
by Kimberly Palmer
Retail Price:  $14.95
Amazon Price:  $6.94

Book Description:   Of all life’s financial shocks, few compare to bringing home an infant. Just one tiny person costs $250,000 to raise– not including college! How will you pay for it? That agonizing question fuels mothers’ choices about their careers, budgets, and families. Some lean in, some scale back or seek new opportunities–there are no easy answers . . . but lots of rewarding possibilities. “Smart Mom, Rich Mom” explores how women today are navigating the financially challenging career/parenting years. Written by a national money columnist and mom of two, the book chronicles people who have stayed in the game–full-time, freelance, self-employed, and more–and emerged more prosperous and empowered. “Smart Mom, Rich Mom” mines their experiences to uncover both career advice and spending and savings strategies that everyone can use. Stories, checklists, action steps, planning tools, and more explain how to:

– Prepare financially for parenthood–whether you’re expecting your first child or your third

– Balance thrift with generating income and investing wisely

– Find flexibility at work while safeguarding your earning potential

– Save for both college and retirement despite increased expenses

– Plan for unexpected events, like a layoff or illness

– And much more

Kids change our lives, adding joy but draining bank accounts. “Smart Mom, Rich Mom” helps you adopt healthy habits–and make hard decisions–that pay off in abundance.


This is a fantastic book for mom’s who not only want to stay in the game, but make the best financial decisions for their family.  While I am an “empty nester”, I lead a group of entrepreneurial women in a monthly class. Most of them are young mom’s trying their best to take care of their kids and still contribute financially to their household.  I purchased this book for them to read and was very pleased with it.  I wish I had this advice when I was a young mom. It’s direct, applicable and gives practical advice for mothers on how to be smart about money. Thrift is the best use of all your resources — including money AND time — so mommy savings tips need to expand from coupon-clipping and into longer-term investments.  Moms can feel overwhelmed thinking about and planning for the future, but the author makes it “doable” by sharing her own experience, while also drawing on others’ stories.  The best part is that you can walk away from this book with clear ideas about how to take better ownership of your family’s finances. This is  must-read for women, mom’s and mom’s-to-be and even an old timer like me found so much to learn!

~Reviewed by Allie B.

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    The Path Redefined

    The Path Redefined: Getting to the Top on Your Own Terms

    The Path Redefined
    By Lauren Maillian Bias
    BenBella Books
    Retail Price $24.95
    Amazon Price: $15.78

    Book Description: 

    Success is not about climbing over colleagues or climbing the corporate ladder; it’s about the ability to rise to your full potential and tackle challenges with enthusiasm. In today’s career climate, you have to be innovative and ambitious and capitalize on your individual talents.

    The Path Redefined: Getting to the Top on Your Own Terms shows you how to achieve the highest levels of success and satisfaction in business and in life by tapping into the essence of what makes you unique. You can reach the pinnacle of your work and personal lives, faster and more independently than you ever imagined possible—on your own terms.

    In The Path Redefined, serial entrepreneur Lauren Maillian Bias shares the lessons and tactics that rocketed her to the top of three completely different fields—all before she reached the age of 30. Using her extensive experience as a successful business owner, venture capitalist, and startup advisor, Lauren explains in easy-to-understand terms how to reinvent yourself and plan for success, all while embracing failure but learning from your mistakes.

    Including advice and lessons from some of the nation’s most successful entrepreneurs and business executives, The Path Redefined will become an indispensable tool to maximize your full potential without compromising who you truly are.


    This book was both inspirational and something most women in business can relate to.  I have gained great knowledge reading it and plan to share the learned experience with others. The author gives a refreshing take on how to be enterprising and bold as an entrepreneur. Whether you’re considering entrepreneurship or trying to re-energize your career, this book will provide you with a healthy dose of motivation.

    ~Reviewed by Deb M.

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      Careeranista: The Woman's Guide to Success After College

      By Chaz Pitts-Kyser
      Seshet Press
      Retail Price $16.00
      Amazon Price: $15.95

      Book Description: 

      In Careeranista, Chaz Pitts-Kyser provides candid, empowering, and inspirational advice to put you on a clear path to success as a young professional. Whether you’re preparing to graduate or already striving to make a name for yourself, this comprehensive guide offers the insight you need to start creating the career and life you envision. Topics include: Mapping Out Your Future, Job Searching in a Tough Job Market, Acing the Interview, Building a Positive Professional Image, Handling Conflicts With Co-Workers, Overcoming Self-Doubt & Fear of Failure, Getting Your Finances in Check and Succeeding in Corporate America. Interwoven throughout Careeranista’s 32 chapters are the author’s own stories, humorously written and packed with life lessons. Adding to the book’s depth are personal essays by both seasoned professionals and rising stars. Dozens of tips from career experts and executives further give you the knowledge and confidence needed to thrive on your journey as a newly minted Careeranista.


      This book has been all that I hoped for and more. The author shares her own stories of successes and failures that the reader can relate to.  It is an informative, yet easy read and you might find it so helpful that you will want to read it again or use it as a reference at a later date.  The book was really enlightening and to-the-point. I would recommend for women looking get her career on track and to rise up from their failures.  I found it very inspirational!

      ~Reviewed by Kathy R.

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