Fairness is Overrated

Product DetailsFairness is Overrated
by Tim Stevens
Thomas Nelson
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Profitable organizations require a healthy culture, and Pastor Tim Stevens knows the secret sauce for a vibrant and successful workplace. Drawn from his experience working at Granger Community Church in Indiana, where he leads a team of more than 130 people, and from growing a worldwide ministry—5,000 people in three locations in Granger and 1,800 churches in India—Fairness Is Overrated lays out a practical blueprint for success. Short, digestible chapters—fueled by practical bullet-points, discussion questions, and real-life examples—give lessons and practical advice few leadership manuals teach, such as how resumes are worthless and Facebook and Twitter shouldn’t be prohibited at work. Whether it’s the power of switching off the iPhone in a meeting, balancing the visions of artists and leaders, or how to fire people with grace, Fairness Is Overrated is packed with practical tips for real leadership, every single day.


If I had to recommend only one book on leadership for someone to read, this would be it.  All leaders, born or made, should read this.  The book is small and organized in small, bite-sized chapters.  The author’s insights are succinct and highly useful and he supports his advice with real business stories and leadership anecdotes, then he shows you how to apply his suggestions to your own situation.  If you are looking for principals that will work in your office culture to make it successful, look no further.  While the book is short and sweet it is packed full of good information.

~Reviewed by David H.

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