The Curve Ahead

The Curve Ahead
by Dave Power
Palgrave Macmillan
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Book Description: 

Why do most growth companies stop growing? These fast-growing businesses are the engines of economic growth and wealth creation, but most fall behind the curve before reaching their potential. Executives are surprised when their business models mature sooner than expected, victims of the familiar S-Curve. Tragically, once-promising companies are often sold by investors too ready to throw in the towel. So what can leaders do to keep moving forward?To sustain growth, companies need to discover their next S-Curve. But few have a repeatable process for uncovering new opportunities before their core business stalls. The Curve Ahead offers a practical approach to sustaining long-term growth. It describes how growth companies can build innovation into the rhythm of their business operations and culture using design thinking, prototyping, business model design and other Innovation Power Tools.The Curve Ahead utilizes the power of storytelling to illustrate its messages. Power describes how LoJack and Groupon fell behind the curve, while Amazon, Jawbone, Darn Tough Socks and many others have fueled growth with a series of new S-Curves.

This book will help thousands of mid-sized companies stay ahead of the curve and discover the path to unlimited revenue growth.


This is a must read for any business leader dealing with the challenges of growing their business. Before undertaking a growth strategy you must have a clear understanding of why you’re growing. No doubt that enduring companies excel at doing what is discussed in this book. The content of the book is really great, as the author fills the whole idea with examples from successful companies as he encourages the reader to keep their eyes on the road ahead for the next S-Curve.  If you are thinking about growing your organization, this is a must read.

~Reviewed by Dave H.

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